Business Partnerships

What are the benefits of a Business Partnership with AESA? Benefits of this partnership could include, but are not limited to the following: 

  • All benefits of the AESA Business Members
  • Direct access to the AESA national marketing channel;
  • Sole sponsorship of specific materials, if negotiated;
  • At least one article in AESA News outlining the partnership;
  • Opportunity to participate in market research;
  • Opportunity to network with AESA affiliate groups and;
  • A more comprehensive joint marketing program.
  • Collaboration with AESA Executive Director for information about potential business development opportunities.
Becoming a Business Partner – Process overview

AESA welcomes Business Partner opportunities. As outlined above, Business Partnerships can elevate the recognition of your company with AESA members.  To assure that quality, beneficial relationships are formed between AESA and potential business partners, AESA follows an established process led by the AESA’s Executive Director. A due diligence process of the company’s products and services is also required. If the review is successful, a partnership contract is negotiated. For those companies interested in a Business Partnership, please contact John Bass, AESA Chief Operating Officer, for complete details.

Current Business Partners

AESA encourages ESA members to visit with the following companies when considering products or services these businesses offer.