Business Affiliates

One of the most critical responsibilities that AESA has is to ensure that ESAs and schools have access to the best educational products and services available. Therefore, the Association of Educational Service Agencies (AESA) offers Business Memberships and Business Partnerships to companies wishing to join and/or partner with AESA and its members. AESA also offers, separately or in conjunction with the business member/partnership program, opportunities to participate in and sponsor national conferences.

Working with AESA offers a level of access and visibility not afforded by any other national association. There are 553 service agencies with over 100,000 employees in 44 states; AESA is in the position to reach 11,700 (79%) of the public school districts, 22,710 (83%) of the private schools, 2,160,955 (79%) certified teachers, and 2,018,888 (80%) non-certified school employees, and well over 40,732,954 (80%) public and private school students. Including administrators, administrative support staff, instructional coordinators, principals, assistant principals, school librarians and support staff, instructional aides, guidance counselors, and other support and service staff members. Source: U.S. Department of Education, National Center for Education Statistics, Common Core of Data Survey.

Business Membership

A company interested in becoming an AESA Business Member may join now through June 30, 2017.  A company interested in becoming an AESA business member may contact John Bass, COO for more information and current pricing information. See the AESA Business Members page for additional information.

Business Partnerships

What are the benefits of a Business Partnership with AESA? Benefits of this partnership could include, but are not limited to the following: 

  • All benefits of the AESA Business Members
  • Direct access to the AESA national marketing channel;
  • Sole sponsorship of specific materials, if negotiated;
  • At least one article in AESA News outlining the partnership;
  • Opportunity to participate in market research;
  • Opportunity to network with AESA affiliate groups and;
  • A more comprehensive joint marketing program.
  • Collaboration with AESA Executive Director for information about potential business development opportunities.
Becoming a Business Partner – Process overview

AESA welcomes Business Partner opportunities. As outlined above, Business Partnerships can elevate the recognition of your company with AESA members.  To assure that quality, beneficial relationships are formed between AESA and potential business partners, AESA follows an established process led by the AESA’s Executive Director. A due diligence process of the company’s products and services is also required. If the review is successful, a partnership contract is negotiated. For those companies interested in a Business Partnership, please contact John Bass, AESA Chief Operating Officer, for complete details.


AESA’s three conferences per year welcome sponsorships.

Summer Leadership Event (annually in July), location varies.

The Summer Leadership event is usually attended by 120 to 130 CEOs of ESAs and key staff that the CEO invites to attend with him/her. While there are no exhibits, two representatives of the sponsor are given complimentary registrations and are invited to participate in the conference as regular attendees. This is a great opportunity to talk with others and to engage in contact development. Recognition of the sponsors comes on the printed program and through announcements from the podium. Contact John Bass for information on becoming a sponsor.

Educator’s Call to Action (annually in September) Arlington, Virginia

This event is focused on updates of Federal Legislation and on meeting with Members of Congress. Between 60 and 80 people are usually in attendance.  Recognition of the sponsors comes on the printed program and through announcements from the podium. Contact John Bass for information on becoming a sponsor.

AESA Annual Conference (annually held the week after Thanksgiving), locations varies.

Each sponsorship level has an affiliated set of benefits which steadily increases in value as the sponsorship level increases. This event attracts between 800 and 900 people representing ESA CEOs, ESA Board Members, and senior-level ESA staff.  The highest sponsorship level receives:

  • Pre/Post Conference Attendee lists
  • Logo on conference signage
  • One piece of collateral in attendee packets
  • Logo on large screens
  • 10 by 10 exhibit booth
  • One full conference registration and meal tickets

For more information about a sponsorship, please contact John Bass, AESA Chief Operating Officer.

Exhibit Booths

Exhibit booths are available for the Annual Conference. Questions about becoming an exhibitor at the AESA annual conference should be directed to Dyanne Hughes, CMP, AESA Conference Director 904-206-4417 •

AESA Foundation Supporters

AESA's Foundation's activities benefit member agencies by promoting business relationships. The Foundation is willing to team with other organizations in mutually agreed upon relationships that further the activities of the Foundation.  Participation in the Foundation is determined solely by the Foundation itself.  Businesses that are interested in working with the AESA Foundation are eligible to do so through a pledge of cash, in-kind service, or resources such as stocks, bonds, or real estate. Please contact John Bass, AESA Chief Operating Officer, for more information.

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