The following Perspectives articles will be included in the final published version of the 2014 Perspectives. 

          Author                         Title    

No. 1

Daniel T. White
Michael J. Doughty


Chaos to Clarity: The ESA’s Role in Sustainable School Improvement

No. 2

Margene Beatty
Michael Cunning
Scott Fredrickson
Patricia Hoehner


Profession First Regional Foundations: A Study of the Perceptions of Applegate Award Recipients

No. 3

Troyce L. Fisher
E. Robert Stephens

Redefining Relevancy: The First Two Years of the Redesign of the AEA State System as a Community of Practice

No. 4

Nathan C. Anderson
Magdalena R. Brockel
T. Erik Kana

Disciplined Inquiry: Using the A+ Inquiry Framework as a Tool for Eliminating Data Hoarding, Mindless Decision-Making, and Other Barriers to Effective ESA Programming