Perspectives: A Journal of Research and Practice of Educational Service Agencies 

Manuscripts are sent electronically to the editor for review. They are then sent on to the editorial board for review and recommendation about publishing. The editor then sends back to the author the original manuscript with such recommendations for changes as he and/or the board suggests will improve the manuscript for the benefit of our readers. The manuscript can be forwarded electronically to:

Scott A. Menzel, PhD

Thus, changes may be required before the manuscript is published. Guidelines for the first draft are therefore relatively short:

  • Double space the document.
  • Use 12 point type, preferably but not necessarily in Times New Roman. If at all possible produce the manuscript in Word.
  • Follow the prescriptions of the Manual of the American Psychological Association (APA, 5th edition) for matters of style, especially the presentation of references. Do not use footnotes unless approved by the editor. (If you or a colleague is not familiar with this style sheet, we can help.) Generally two issues are common: write numbers one through nine as words and numbers 10 and above in numerical form. Put ALL periods and commas that occur at the end of a sentence before closing quotation marks.
  • Center the title on the first page.
  • Underneath the title, centered, should be the word "by."
  • Underneath the byline center the author(s)' name(s). Do not use a title (Dr.).

At the end of the piece list the author's name followed by professional title, if preferred (e.g., Dr.), followed by the position title (e.g., assistant superintendent) and the name of the organization in which you work. Start a new sentence that states "He/she can be reached by phone at _____ and by email at ____.  Please put this section in italics.
Articles will be distributed as they are approved, with the goal of at least one per month.

About the Editorial Board

The editorial board and AESA council are in the process of formalizing the process related to appointment of the editorial board, terms of service, development of a job description, etc.

The editor and board will actively work to secure articles connected to the annual theme established by the Council.  This year the Council adopted "Equity and Opportunity" as the overarching theme.  The organizational efforts to align our publications, conferences, regional convenings, and the Perspectives Journal will culminate in the 2017 conference in San Antonio, Texas with the theme From Hope to Change: Equity, Inclusion, and Social Justice. Other strands will also be identified so as not to discourage submissions that may be relevant and important for ESAs, but not directly tied to the overall theme (e.g. innovative practices, public-private partnerships, etc.).

Consideration is being given to the publication of a compendium of articles at the conclusion of each calendar year (for purchase) that can be distributed at the annual conference or mailed for those who cannot attend.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.

Scott Menzel
Editor, AESA's Perspectives

Contact Information
Scott A. Menzel, PhD
Superintendent, Washtenaw Intermediate School District
1819 S. Wagner Road
Ann Arbor, MI 48106-1406
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