Editor: Dr. Scott Menzel, Superintendent
Washtenaw ISD - Ann Arbor, MI

Perspectives welcomes manuscripts and articles from all those interested in the work of service agencies in the United States. The journal publishes articles of research and practice in three different strands.  The first strand relates to formal research, the second is a programmatic strand, and the third is for short articles that highlight a story of interest that may be a topic for future research and analysis.  Interviews with public officials (legislators, chief state school officials, business leaders, etc.) regarding their positive views of the work of service agencies are also welcome since they can be helpful to colleagues, individuals and public/private entities across the nation. AESA has moved to an online format so that as soon as articles are completed and approved by the editorial board they will be shared with the membership. In the fall of each school year a composite of all the work completed during the previous school year will placed in Perspectives: A Journal of Research and Practice About Educational Service Agencies.

Please read the Editorial Guidelines. For further information about how to prepare your article or manuscript, please contact the editor by email at or by phone at 734-994-8100.

2017 Perspectives

2016 Perspectives

2015 Perspectives
Perspectives is an on-demand online publication that allows articles to be submitted and published throughout the year as they are submitted.

2014 Perspectives
Perspectives has moved from a once a year publication to an on-demand, online publication. This new format  allows articles to be submitted and published throughout the year as they are submitted.

2013 Perspectives: Leveraging Resources to Build Capacity
The mission of AESA is to support and strengthen regional education agencies at the local, state and national level. As in  previous years, this edition of Perspectives has a number of outstanding articles that support the AESA mission in leveraging resources to build capacity.

This year the AESA council has moved from a once a year publication to an on-demand, online publication. This new format  allows articles to be submitted and published throughout the year. It is anticipated that this new format will provide more  flexibility and encourage additional contributors with flexible timelines and the ability to publish articles as they are  submitted.

2012 Perspectives, ESAs Adjust to Future Shock
This volume of Perspectives has an in-depth study that was originally begun as a book about how ESAs around the country are breaking service delivery paradigms. The authors have used quite a number of our member agencies to demonstrate this. Yet we know these are just samplings of what is happening in our country. Also included is an article about lobbying on behalf of ESAs from someone who did it for 30 years. This reflection is packed with good information and ideas that surely can help us all. Our thanks to the authors and all who work to represent ESAs and the important work we do.
2011 Perspectives, ESAs Leading School Transformation
This edition of Perspectives is designed to share information about ESA work around the country and the continuously evolving role of ESAs in a time of high pressure accountability.
2010 Perspectives, ESA's Attack the Achievement Gap
This year's edition of Perspectives offers valuable experience in building accountability for the ESA in the task of achieving improved student success
2009 Perspectives, Improving ESAs From Within
This year's edition of Perspectives highlights some self-initiated efforts by service agencies to improve their ability to deliver high quality services as well as providing some guidance for gathering user feedback as part of the self-improvement process.
2008 Perspectives, Assessing ESA Capacity
Service Agency contributions to education are being recognized by leadership groups and individuals throughout the country, and there is a growing interest in learning about what ESAs are doing to improve education.
2007 Perspectives, Staff Development: Are ESA programs effective? How do we know?
2006 Perspectives, Data-Driven ESAs
2005 Perspectives, Developing Leaders: What is the Role of ESAs?
2004 Perspectives, NCLB: ?Failing Schools? and the Role of ESAs
2003 Perspectives, ESAs Serving Rural Areas: Shrinking Distances and Compensating for Size
2002 Perspectives, ESAs Serving Metropolitan Areas: Meeting the Needs of Large and Smaller Districts
2001 Perspectives, Proving the Value of ESAs: The Challenge Continues
2000 Perspectives, Reforming and Renorming ESAs: The Perennial Challenges
1999 Perspectives, The Millennial ESA: Focusing on the Customer
1998 Perspectives, Accountability for ESAs: Is Accreditation the Answer?
1997, Moving to Market-Driven ESAs
1996 Perspectives
1995 Perspectives