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Professional Learning

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Federal Advocacy

AESA is a National Organization for ESAs

AESA proudly supports over 500 regional educational service agencies in 45 states. ESAs and their staff support school districts in their regions with services such as staffing, professional development, and various other resources. ESAs significantly contribute to educating our nation's students in the grades Pre-kindergarten through grade 12 and beyond!

Services Designed for ESAs

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Find the Right CEO

Find a CEO who will achieve the vision and mission of your ESA with the AESA Executive Search service.

Connect at AESA Events

Business Strategy for Your ESA - in True MBA Style

Dr. Simester teaches this virtual workshop, tailored for ESAs, in true MBA style using business cases and hands-on work with real-team projects to enhance your learning.

Learning & Events Calendar

Business Partners

AESA is honored to partner with leading companies, associations, and industry leaders to ensure ESAs and schools have access to the best educational products and services available.  Click HERE to learn more about our business partners.

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