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January 2024: AESA State Examiner

January 30, 2024

January 2024 State Examiner covers five topics including:

  • Legislative Issue Monitoring
  • Statehouse News: Education Finance Policy
  • State Budget and Finance Monitoring
  • National Reports Impacting Education
  • Advocacy Tips

Each topic includes a brief introduction. To read the full articles under each headline, click on the "+" sign next to the topic.
(For readers who prefer to print a version of the January State Examiner, please find the PDF here.)

The January 2024 State Examiner presents what is happening in statehouses around the country regarding funding for high-dosage tutoring and related interventions. Read more below.

In the Statehouse News: Education Finance and Policy please find representative examples (with links) of news items coming out of the states that may be of interest to ESAs. Read more below.

AESA monitors state-level budget and finance news impacting preschool and primary and secondary education. The latest news for January 2024 (see below) highlights that roughly half of Americans live in states that report short-term budget gaps, potential long-term deficits, or both.

This month's National Reports Impacting Education section highlights two reports from the National Center for Education Statistics, which are:

  • State of Play: An Inside Look at Artificial Intelligence Policy and State Actions
  • NCSL Special Report: A Look at 2024's Trending Legislative Topics
  • Five Policy Actions to Strengthen Implementation of the Science of Reading

Find the report summaries and links to the full reports below.

Forming alliances with like-minded organizations, interest groups, and constituents can amplify an organization’s advocacy efforts. Collaborating with diverse partners can also help educators cover different angles and expertise, making their advocacy more comprehensive.  This month’s publication provides key strategies for building a united front with like-minded peers to present a broader and more influential voice and, in the process, display widespread support for an organization’s cause.

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