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February 2024: AESA State Examiner

February 28, 2024

February 2024 State Examiner covers five topics including:

  • Legislative Issue Monitoring
  • Statehouse News: Education Policy (with links to news items)
  • State Budget and Finance Monitoring
  • National Reports Impacting Education
  • Advocacy Tips

Each topic includes a brief introduction. To read the full articles under each headline, click on the "+" sign next to the topic.
(For readers who prefer to print a version of the February 2024 State Examiner, please find the PDF here.)

Legislative Issue Monitoring: The February 2024 State Examiner presents what is happening in statehouses around the country regarding funding for truancy and attendance. Read more below.

In the Statehouse News: Education Policy please find representative examples (with links) of news items coming out of the states that may be of interest to ESAs. Read more below.

AESA monitors state-level budget and finance news impacting preschool and primary and secondary education. The February 2024 State Examiner highlights the report titled, Center for Budget and Policy Priorities Argues States Should Reverse Tax-Cut Spree, Take Brighter Path in 2024

This month's National Reports Impacting Education section highlights four reports from the National Center for Education Statistics, which are:

  • Federal Reserve of St. Louis
  • The Congressional Budget Office
  • Elementary and Middle School Opportunity Structures That Factor into Students' Math Learning Findings from the American Mathematics Educator Study - Rand
  • Schools Are Using AI. But Are They on the Right Track? - Education Week

Find a report summary and links to the full reports below.

Providing effective public testimony before a legislative committee or task force is a critical component of advocacy campaigns. Being on the public record can be a powerful tool for influencing change.  It can also be an intimidating process for the uninitiated. This month’s advocacy tip focuses on making your visit to legislative committees a positive and impactful experience.

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