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Experimentation, Pricing, and Innovation Workshop

Experimentation, Pricing, and Innovation Workshop

Experimentation, Pricing & Innovation Workshop

March 19-20, 2024  |  Willamette ESD in Salem, Oregon

Join us as we equip you with essential tools to elevate your education service agency's business management game. Dive into the art of experimentation to minimize risk, gain insights into confident pricing strategies, and delve into innovative processes geared toward meeting your customers' evolving needs. Don't miss this opportunity to level up your agency's success!

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  • Individuals: $1,500
  • Team of 3 or more: $1,000 per person

Take your ESA’s Business Strategy to the Next Level

ESAs need to become entrepreneurial. Turn to AESA for the tools to help your leadership team with business strategy. In this interactive workshop, AESA brings you the tools to help your team with its business strategy by exploring the following:


  • Use the active science of experimentation to make better decisions that have greater impact.
  • Learn the difference between an experiment and a pilot program.
  • Why experimentation is important.
  • Ways to design meaningful experiments.
  • How to experiment in ways that do not upset the customer.


Pricing is challenging for any organization. Price with confidence when you learn how to optimize pricing for products and services.

  • How to properly identify and apply costs when setting a price.
  • Processes for making better pricing decisions.
  • Business models for products and services.
  • Using ESA examples to practice the application of sound pricing principles.


ESAs strive to be innovative, but innovation is often easier said than done. Here's what you will learn:

  • Processes to generate good ideas.
  • Ways to encourage innovation.
  • How to think about your organization’s policies and procedures as they relate to innovation.
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