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Small Staff ESAs Network



About this Community of Practice

Small Staff ESAs have unique strengths and challenges and this community of practice provides an important opportunity to network and learn with other similar-sized organizations. "Small Staff" is a relative term, as participant ESAs have ranged from five to 200+ employees. As a leader of an ESA of this size, we hope you will join us this year for some very powerful peer-led presentations focused on important topics such as organizational growth.

Facilitated by your AESA team:

  • Joan Wade, Ed.D., Executive Director
  • John Bass, COO
  • Cole Cordell, CFO
  • Lynn Cromley, Consultant
  • Annual Individual Membership: $150
  • Single Session: $25 (Contact Ann Fiene to sign up for a single session.)
Session Dates
All sessions will be held virtually approximately every six weeks for 60 minutes each session.  All sessions will be scheduled from 2:00 – 3:00 pm (EST)
  • March 23, 2023
  • June 7, 2023
  • August 17, 2023
  • October 19, 2023
  • December 7, 2023
  • February 8, 2024
  • April 18, 2024
  • June 6, 2024

• Leadership Development - Empowering others in your ESA
• Expanding Special Education Itinerant Services - Cost-neutral ways for providing low-incident services
• Federal and State ESA Legislative Issues and Updates
• Leadership Matters - Professional development for ESA leadership
• Understanding Customer Needs and Enhancing Customer Service
• Understanding ACCESS Billing and Support - Resources for your district
• Marketing and Communications Ideas- Expert advice on how to tell your story/build your brand
• Diversifying Your Funding Sources - Hear how one ESA has survived and thrived the loss of state funding

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