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September 2023: AESA State Examiner

The September State Examiner covers four topics including Legislative Issue Monitoring, Statehouse News, National Reports, and Advocacy Tips. Each topic includes a brief introduction. To read the full article, click on the "+" sign next to the topic.


The State Legislative Issue Monitoring Report will examine what is happening in statehouses around the country. This edition examines discussions that are impacting school safety.


In the Statehouse News: Education Finance and Policy we find representative examples (with links) of news items coming out of the states that may be of interest to ESAs and their client schools and districts.


This month's National Education Reports highlights three reports:

  • Chiefs for Change - Accelerating Learning: How K-12 Systems Are Moving Forward and Making Gains
  • Annie E. Casey 2023 Kids Count Report
  • State Policy Report: Indexes of State Budget Process Quality

Advocacy is important to influence policy development and implementation. Now more than ever, educational service agencies and other educational stakeholders must position themselves as reputable, reliable, and effective advocates for public education and high-quality educational opportunities for all kids regardless of where they live and attend school.

The article below explores influencing the state agency rule-making process.


Do you have feedback for the AESA state advocacy team? Would you like to see a particular issue area addressed in future issues? Send feedback to

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