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AESA Meeting Manager

AESA Meeting Manager . . . a meeting management software developed by a state association for members just like you!

With AESA Meeting Manager you can go paperless for your board meetings.  Paperless board meetings allow you to:
  • Access 24/7 from any computer, tablet, or smartphone
  • Search current and archived information
  • Manage calendars online
  • Link directly to your public website
  • Download, store, and print board packets and other information
  • Upload and manage documents, including your handbook and policies
  • Create agendas from scratch or existing templates
  • Link goals to specific board meeting agendas
  • Categorize your meetings (regular, emergency, committee, etc.)
  • Instantly notify and alert board members when updates or the agenda is available
  • Engage Auto-Pilot, for those who simply want to follow the main screen

For more information, contact either John BassAESA COO or Ann Fiene, AESA Executive Assistant.

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