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November 2023: AESA State Examiner

November 29, 2023

Each month's State Examiner covers four topics including Legislative Issue Monitoring, Statehouse News, National Reports, and Advocacy Tips. Each topic includes a brief introduction. To read the full article under each headline, click on the "+" sign next to the topic.

This month's State Legislative Issue Monitoring Report exams what is happening in statehouses around the country regarding student health and wellness.

In the Statehouse News: Education Finance and Policy we find representative examples (with links) of news items coming out of the states that may be of interest to ESAs and their client schools and districts. Below is a representative sample of news coming out of the states or impacting the states that will be of interest to ESAs and their client schools and districts:


This month's National Education Reports highlights four reports:

  • Pew Research Center Issues “Short Read” Report on Students with Disabilities in the U.S.:  What Federal Education Data Shows About Students with Disabilities Across the 50 States.
  • National Institute for Early Education Research releases, “The State(s) of Early Intervention and Early Childhood Special Education: Looking at Equity”
  • Mental Health America Releases 2023 State Rankings
  • Fordham Institute Issues Report and Recommendations on Modernizing the Traditional School District in Ohio: How state lawmakers can strengthen local accountability and drive higher performance.

In the inaugural edition of the State Examiner in September 2023, the monthly advocacy tip focused on influencing the state agency rule-making process. October 2023 followed up with the similarities and differences in influencing state rule making agencies and state legislatures.  This month’s tip will dig a bit deeper into advocacy and lobbying of state legislatures and offers six tips to effective advocacy.


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