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April 2024: AESA State Examiner

April 30, 2024

Each month, the State Examiner covers five topics including:

  • Legislative Issue Monitoring
  • Statehouse News: Education Policy (with links to news items)
  • State Budget and Finance Monitoring
  • National Reports Impacting Education
  • Advocacy Tips

Each topic includes a brief introduction. To read the full articles under each headline, click on the "+" sign next to the topic.
(For readers who prefer to print a version of the April 2024 State Examiner, please find the pdf here.)

Legislative Issue Monitoring

The April 2024 report examines broader education policy trends emerging early this year in statehouses across the country.

The trends demonstrate that state policymakers are focused on:

  • addressing learning gaps,
  • empowering families,
  • strengthening pathways to college and careers, and
  • supporting teachers.

They also reveal an influx of partisan legislation on more controversial issues like parents' bills of rights, transgender youth, bathroom designations, and more designed to rally voters to the polls this fall.  They also highlight ongoing challenges, such as the impact of technology, enrollment changes, choice expansion, and the lasting effects of the pandemic on education.

Read the full article below.

State Budget and Finance Monitoring

AESA monitors state-level budget and finance news impacting preschool and primary and secondary education.

See the list of linked articles below.

National Reports Impacting Education

This month's highlights come from:

University of Chicago: The promise of high dosage tutoring

Stateline: School voucher proponents spend big to overcome rural resistance

Pew Research Center: Results from a survey about K12 schools

Education Commission of the States (ECS): Governors' Top Education Priorities for 2024 (UPDATED)

Read about these reports below.

Advocacy Tip

State legislatures are incredibly active, introducing and enacting a considerable number of bills each year. In 2023 alone, statehouses across the United States introduced over 132,600 bills and enacted more than 30,800, displaying a much higher rate of policy debate and enactment compared to the federal level. This elevated level of activity offers educators numerous opportunities to influence educational policies and reforms. And the best way to do that is by showing up and being present at the statehouse. This month’s advocacy tip focuses on organizing a day at the statehouse.


 AESA would like to highlight successful state-level advocacy campaigns. Share your triumphs in state advocacy with fellow members! Contribute to our newsletter by submitting your success stories – your experiences can enlighten and inspire others in navigating the often complex landscape of state advocacy. Together, we can amplify our collective knowledge for the benefit of the entire AESA membership. Send your stories to .


Have feedback for the AESA state advocacy team? Would you like to see a particular issue area addressed in future issues? Send feedback to .

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