As the professional organization representing educational service agencies across the country, AESA is committed to advocating for high-quality public education throughout its systems, the districts they serve and the students who walk through their doors each day. AESA's federal legislative advocacy is member-centric.

The AESA Federal relations Committee convenes at the start of each year to review and establish AESA's federal policy priorities and positions. This advocacy is both proactive (messaging on AESA priorities) and reactive (responsive to anticipated federal policy discussions). The annual legislative agenda drives AESA's day-to-day advocacy work.

AESA's Federal Advocacy Committee meets February 8-9, 2017 to set the 2017 legislative agenda.  


Questions about AESA's federal advocacy can be directed to:

Dr. Joan Wade, AESA Executive Director

Noelle Ellerson Ng, AESA Legislative Liaison