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State Advocacy Training

AESA supports its members with both Federal advocacy and State-level advocacy resources. State-level advocacy training is provided in the form of publications, workshops, and presentations. (Presentations can be customized to individual states.) If you have questions about any of the state-level advocacy resources described below, please contact Joan Wade, AESA Executive Director.

The State Examiner with Advocacy Tips

A monthly, national look at State-by-State legislative issues, trends, and tips, empowering AESA members as education advocates.

The State Examiner is a monthly report curated by the Association of Educational Service Agencies (AESA). It provides legislative monitoring, news articles, and related content gathered from our 50 states. The purpose of the monthly report is to ensure members are aware of the latest state-level education legislative policy, funding issues and trends, and state-level news that are impacting educational service agencies, their client schools, and districts.

Each edition also includes advocacy tips to activate and empower our members to be informed, effective education advocates.

Do you want to receive the AESA State Examiner? If you are an AESA member and you would like access to this e-newsletter, please email your name, organization name, and job title to AESA Program Assistant Beth Kabes at

Workshops and Presentations

There are three levels of workshops available to members: Three-day workshop, one-day workshop, and customized presentations.

Three Day Workshop - dates coming in January 2024

Objective: This in-depth, three-day workshop covers the essential aspects of state advocacy and lobbying, providing participants with the knowledge and skills needed to engage effectively in the state legislative and policy-making process. 

Three-Day Workshop

Day 1: Understanding the State Legislative Landscape

  • Introduction to State Advocacy
  • State Government Structure
  • The State Budget Process
  • State Legislative Process

Day 2: Navigating State Policy and Rule-Making

  • State Rule Making Process
  • Analyzing State Policies
  • Developing an Effective State Policy Platform
  • Building Effective Advocacy Campaigns

Day 3: Advocacy in Action

  • Effective Communication and Messaging
  • Coalition Building and Partnerships
  • State Advocacy Case Studies
  • Advocacy Ethics and Compliance
  • Advocacy Action Planning

One Day Workshop

Objective: This condensed one-day workshop covers the essential aspects of state advocacy and lobbying, providing participants with a comprehensive overview of the state legislative process, budgeting, rule-making, and effective advocacy strategies.

All workshop sessions include specific learning objectives to ensure participants gain valuable insights in the available timeframe.

Customized Workshops and Presentations

You can rely on AESA to provide highly qualified, experienced speakers for presentations at your local or regional events. This approximately one-hour legislative update presentation will cover state politics, finance, and education policy with an added emphasis on effective advocacy embedded throughout. It can be customized as appropriate to a state’s unique issues. Please contact Joan Wade, AESA Executive Director, for more information.

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